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Executive Board:                                                                       The Management Board of Vonovia Finance B.V. comprises two members:

Iwan Oude Roelink (Member and Chairman of the Management Board)

Iwan Oude Roelink joined Vonovia Finance B.V. on June 1, 2014 and was appointed Managing Director on May 1, 2015. Based in Amsterdam, he is leading the Finance & Treasury and Accounting team. He is responsible for the daily financial operations of the Finance B.V., monitors the swap-portfolio and is responsible for the compliance of rules and regulations.

Prior to Vonovia Finance B.V. he held the position of Director & Controller at the Amsterdam based subsidiary of the American real estate company Archstone. In addition, he has worked as Fund Controller at the real estate company IBUS Asset Management, at their branches in Washington DC and in The Netherlands.

After finishing the International Business School (IBS) in 1997 he graduated in Business, specialising in Financial Management from the University of Nyenrode. In 2003 he completed his post-doctoral degree in Business Valuation at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Rick van Dijk (Member of the Management Board)

Rick van Dijk joined Vonovia Finance B.V. on December 16, 2013 where he holds the position of Managing Director. He has been an external member of the Management Board since the day he joined the firm. He is the owner and Managing Director of Your Trust (Netherlands) B.V. , a corporate trust services provider based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which specializes in professional management and corporate governance.  He is also a board member of Holland Quaestor, the Dutch association of quality trust companies.

During his prior career Rick van Dijk held the position of Senior Relationship Manager at Vista Group and at Intertrust Group, both based in The Netherlands, where he was advising companies on the formation and implementation of business structures. Previous to that he has worked as a tax lawyer at Deloitte and Arthur Andersen.

He studied international corporate tax law at Leiden University (Netherlands) and holds a Master Degree in Corporate Tax Law.